April 23, 2024

When selling spy gadgets and all manner of surveillance equipment it’s much easier to protect yourself from the start instead of waiting for trouble to find you.It’s the nature of the beast. Items that you sell are going to be used illegally by the customers that you sell to. Of course, that is not the reason that you sold them. You sell all your items for legal purposes only. This fact also needs to be made clear to the purchaser or anyone that shops what you have to offer.Spy gadgets are a hot commodity these days as crime rates continue to increase and the public is more concerned about their safety and privacy.Spy Gadgets And The LawMany security items, especially cameras and listening devices, have developed a bad reputation because of their use outside of the law.For this reason it has become a necessity to tag all your merchandise with a disclaimer.This will go a long way to relieve you of any liability over a product’s use once it leaves your possession. Legally you can be held responsible if it can be proved that you sold the item with “malicious intent”, which you did not.Here are some simple tips to cover your butt and at the same time generate some sales:First and foremost, whenever you list your products be sure and mention the legal applications of the item.Some of these uses include law enforcement, private investigation, store surveillance, etc. This will assert your intentions and make it clear what purpose you have in distribution.Another key tactic is to state either in the product description or in the ad copy that these items are sold for their “intended purpose only” and are not meant to be used for illegal means.This is the phrase that keeps you separate from any action that may arise from any questionable usage from the buyer. A good indemnity clause should be worded something like….”Descriptions on this site is for informational purposes only. This company is not responsible for any misuse of any product listed herein. It is the buyers’ sole responsibility to check and follow all applicable laws of their country. We are not to be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by use of equipment.”This is basic and can be amended to fit your specific needs.Oddly enough, this disclaimer often draws customers in and generates sales. The idea of having stuff like James Bond is incredibly appealing to people and the added disclaimer makes it sound even shadier.Shipping HasslesAnother thing to guard against is shipping into areas where spy gadgets, on the whole or individually (IE: radar detectors) are prohibited.Again state very clearly that you are willing to ship merchandise anywhere in the world but it is the buyer’s responsibility as to place of destination. Customs officials rarely enforce these laws but, just in case a good basic disclaimer that keeps you safe would be:”Check your local laws. By ordering any product from this site the buyer assumes all responsibility in following all laws related to possession and use in your country. This company will not be held liable for any issues arising concerning shipping or customs.”By following these steps you should guarantee yourself trouble free sales. So feel safe from any inherent legal hassles and sell spy gadgets and security items.It’s on of the largest selling markets worldwide. And it doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon. In fact, considering today’s safety conscience society it will only grow.