April 23, 2024

As is the case with most jobs that you will apply for in your lifetime, it is important to have a good resume when you apply to be a pharmacy technician. You need to prove that your experience and your body of work is what they are looking for in a pharmacy tech and that you would be the perfect fit for the job.Obviously, if you haven’t done the job you may not know exactly what is preferred from someone who is applying for a pharmacy tech job and might need a little guidance. Here are three things that you should make sure are on your resume when you apply for a job as a pharmacy technician.Basic Education: Since most states don’t have any set requirements for certification for a pharmacy tech the most basic requirement is that you have a high school diploma. This is something you will want to list out clearly so that there are no questions of if you have finished high school or not.In addition, any formal education you have received since high school is good to have on your resume, whether you finished your program or degree or not. Showing an ability to learn and be responsible is the goal so list anything that you have done that would be important beyond high school.Pharmacy Education or On-the-Job-Training: Anything that you have done specifically in a pharmacy or related to the field would be worth noting. Again, having an official certification is great, but not required so make sure you list anything that would be applicable.Anytime you may have spent working in a pharmacy could help to separate you from other candidates because you get and are comfortable in the pharmacy environment.Other Medical Job Duties: If you worked in a doctor’s office regardless of if you were a bookkeeper or a nurse you should list this information on your resume for a pharmacy tech. You know the medical field then and are familiar with the terminology and this could help to separate you from the pack when deciding on whom to hire.These are three things that you will want to focus on with your pharmacy tech resume, but don’t stop there and assume you are done. Make your resume unique so that the employer will remember you and want to offer you an interview. Be specific about your accomplishments and your energy.