April 23, 2024

If you’ve though about or asked yourself am I beautiful, am I ugly, am I attractive, this article outlines 3 simple steps to let you judge your beauty on a physiological level and how others may see you, and the easy changes you can make to appear more attractive.First of all, when judging your beauty one of the most important characteristics people tend to look for on a subconscious level is symmetry. Symmetry is a sign of beauty we are wired to notice and be attracted to without even thinking about it, it is something that we notice naturally. This means that symmetry is something you can use to your advantage to be more attractive to others. For instance, men can style facial hair with symmetry and women may use makeup to enhance symmetry. With symmetry you have a powerful tip and tool for judging beauty easily and quickly.The second most popular tip to note when judging beauty is hygiene and personal cleanliness. Not only is personal hygiene a major factor for judging attractiveness when meeting someone in person, but you can tell personal hygiene even on a subconscious level from just looking at photos. Greasy hair, un-combed and un-styled hairdos, unfashionable clothes, shaved or unshaved, the list goes on and on. Girls tend to be attracted to a nice clean look, and if they prefer rugged looks it should still be organized and well groomed, such as stubble for the beard. Guys prefer girls who are well groomed, clean, pretty hair and the list goes on. Essentially, if you want to be regarded as beautiful in today’s society, you should make an effort to keep good personal hygiene and cleanliness, it will show and you will get the compliments from others.What is the third most popular tip for judging beauty and attractiveness in a person? It is as easy as a simple smile. In fact, that’s what it is, a smile. When you smile, or you see other people smiling, whether you notice or think about it or not your mind is doing a lot of thinking. Firstly, on a psychological level of attraction, a smile tells your brain that the person is healthy on a physical level, they are friendly, they are social and open to socializing, they are happy and positive people on the whole. These are all important factors that push you to be attracted to that person on a subconscious level. So as easy as it may sound, a smile can do great things for your love life and for your perception of attractiveness as well as how others perceive you and judge your beauty. So instead of asking yourself am I beautiful, am I ugly or am I attractive, take the positive steps to take control of your perceptions by others and use these three popular tips to judge your beauty easily.